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MS Basic Compiler 2.0 (3,190K)

Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 16:39:55

Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System 7.0 (1989). 
Twelve 360K 5.25" disks. 
The six 3.5" disks. It appears that the 7.0 manuals were unchanged with 7.1, 
except that an "Update" booklet was added (for upgrades?) 
or the Getting Started manual was updated (for 7.1 editions purchased alone). (29K)

Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 04:49:38

The BBSC Toolkit for Building BBS's 
in Portable C
This collection of program source in 
C originally came from Unix Systems. 
It is  intended for people who wish 
to roll their own Version of a BBS. (6,246K)

Uploaded Sat Jul 03 2010 08:49:03

Borland C 3.1 (62K)

Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 04:49:38

Nice Comm Library for PDS Easy to use! Free!
Freeware Comm library for PDS 7.x.
Features Extended ComPort support
with speeds up to 115,200 Baud!
Makes writing BBS Doors a Snap!
Sample Source code included.
QuickBASIC Version Also Avail. (2,783K)

Uploaded Fri Jul 02 2010 22:27:48

Clipper 5.3 (245K)

Uploaded Fri Dec 12 2014 02:08:11

dBase III Plus version 1.1

Uploaded Sun Sep 07 2014 13:32:49

dBVIEW Ver 2.0 - DOS database file viewer
for dBASE III+/IV and FoxPro format files.
Supports memo fields, mouse, read-only files.
Shareware replacement for Norton Commander
dos264fu.ll. (Unknown)

Uploaded Fri Dec 12 2014 02:09:39 (332K)

Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 04:49:38

The Easy-Door Library v2.80
The professional doors development library
for QB/PDS/VBDOS. It features: ANSI/AVATAR,
Supports COM 1 to 8, Fossil/Built-in comm.,
Menu routines, Box drawing, SmartColor (tm),
Multitaskers aware, Chat mode, DOS Shell,
Function keys, Status bar, RIPscrip, etc.
Compatible with QBBS, RA, SBBS, RBBS, GAP
Telegard, Wildcat, PCBoard, Genesis, WWIV,
Spitfire, Osiris, Force!, etc.
      ** Vagabond Software **
         NOW POSTCARD WARE! (57K)

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Uploaded Fri Jan 08 2016 17:58:31 (5,169K)

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Microsoft Basic Professional Development System 7.1
Includes eight 720K diskettes or five 1.2MB diskettes, 
dated 6-24-90, 5:30, plus the following printed materials: 
License agreement/License card, Registration card, Manuals: 
Getting Started, Version 7.1, 89 pages, BASIC Language 
Reference, Version 7.0, 759 pages, Programmer's Guide, 
Version 7.0, 782 pages.

It included Microsoft CodeView version 3.14 for DOS 
Systems, Released for users of MS BASIC 7.1.

The big advantage of the PDS over QuickBasic 4. (329K)

Uploaded Fri Jan 08 2016 17:58:41

PEDIT 4.00 - short for Program Editor,
is similar to the DOS EDIT program, but
more powerful, and with many additional
features for programmers. It includes
pop-up tables, column support, macro
key, undo, copy & paste to other Windows
applications, long filenames, word wrap,
spell checker, thesaurus, HTML support,
and much more. Freeware.
(C)1995-1999 by Goldshell Digital Media. (3,659K)

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Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 03:27:11

TP7/P5+ fix!  
v1.03 (10-14-98), freeware
This program doesn't make any changes in
your executables - it's TSR. (4,732K)

Uploaded Thu Dec 11 2014 22:47:24

Turbo C++ 3.0 (890K)

Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 19:56:24 (2,053K)

Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 19:56:25

Vb3pro_S.etu (Unknown)

Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 19:56:04

Vb4pro_S.etu (Unknown)

Uploaded Sun Jun 08 2014 19:56:23

vbasic10.dos (Unknown)

Uploaded Mon Dec 23 2013 00:54:00 Visual Basic 1.0 DOS

wp60esp.7z (Unknown)

Uploaded Thu Dec 11 2014 23:01:41